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お礼や感謝伝えるプチギフト 最大50%オフ! エンボスカップ-三輪ぶち猫




**Heal your heart and make you happier with my company in your life** love cats and become obsessed, don#39;t miss it!! Cute and healing hand-drawn cups~ a little thicker!! to like cats will love your family and friends !! unique hand - embossed cup more features to the overall sense of ~ || product Specifications || Name: embossed Cup - three flowers tabby cat Origin: Taiwan Material: Pottery, Porcelain Size: Approximately 14cm in length (including handle) x 8.5cm in upper width, 9.8cm in lower width x 12cm in height (including cat) (manual measurement) capacity: about 450cc work cleaning: 1. Use softness Clean with detergent and sponge, rinse with water, and dry. Additional notes: 1. The works are hand-painted, and each work is unique. The requirements for the work are perfect, please consider placing an order 2. The work is fragile, please be careful when placing or taking it 3. Please pay attention to the placement of the work 4. If you have any questions about the work, please contact us